Vinter Associates

Trust Vinter Associates to improve your life everday.


Vinter Associates

Trust Vinter Associates to improve your life everday.

Our Brands

Vinter Associates prides itself on the variety of brands under close management by the Vinter Associates management team. Some of these brands include the following:

Texan Dealer Services

Texan Dealer Services provides management, marketing, sales, and collections consulting services to a number of used car dealerships throughout the state of Texas.

Vehicle Holdings Limited

Vehicle Holdings Limited provides affordable vehicles to Gig Economy and Rideshare drivers as well as to the general public via crowdsourced vehicle sharing platforms.

P4P Global Services

P4P Global Services was the start of Vinter Associates. P4P Global Services was launched to eliminate the complexity of outsourcing customer contact needs. By standardizing the pricing, training, and management of the complete outsourcing timeline, P4P Global Services ensures a smooth transition and a phenomenally short return on investment.

Vinter Ventures

Vinter Ventures is Vinter Associates’ venture capital arm. Providing capital throughout the entire corporate growth process, Vinter Ventures is prepared for the future, no matter the path it takes.

Vinter Collections

Founded with the sole purpose of collecting debt incurred by Vinter Associates’ clients and consumers, Vinter Collections proves to be a crucial part of the operational success of Vinter Associates.

…and many many more

Vinter Associates is always expanding into new and untested industries throughout the world. Have an exciting new idea you feel we may be interested in? Shoot us an email!